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Will and Bobby Know Everything

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Aug 26, 2012

Hey guys, this week we're rejoined by my (Will's) dad, Richard Rogers, for a discussion about his childhood. We find out where he grew up,  when he grew up, and who he grew up with. The story involves discussions of racism (listener discretion advised), religions, and an absurdly unfortunate frog. Listen to it,...

Aug 22, 2012

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It's Wednesday, and that means Will and Bobby are keeping our promise on producing new content for you all! These Wednesday shows are going to be a little different from our normal menutia. This week, we're giving everyone out there a quick read through of The Worst Movie Ever Written. It was...

Aug 19, 2012

This episode is the most important thing in the world. It represents the future. Change. Experimentation. Stupidity. Maybe we'll be sued.

Max Rose joins us on the show this week for a conversation covering information about him, some of which is confusing, we read a listener's letter (booya!), and eventually we start...

Aug 13, 2012

GWAR once said: "The planet Earth is the only place you can find crack."

That being said, A NEW EPISODE OF WILL AND BOBBY KNOW EVERYTHING IS UP! Is a podcast done in episodes? Or is it just shows? Anyway, in this episode Kelly Bourdet of motherboard.vice joins us to discuss Sex, Technology, a wedding, and which one of...

Aug 5, 2012

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're joined by our good friend Mike Schin in a conversation that ranges from how Poltergeist is an awesome movie to how much open-mic nights suck.

We also get an amazing horror story from Mike, Bobby tells some jokes, and we play one of the most engrossing, horrifying...