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Will and Bobby Know Everything

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May 26, 2014

This week on a very special Will and Bobby Know Everything, Bobby is away being a tough-guy muscle-man so we're sharing with you a very interesting show we produced last year. Jesse PS of Podawful had just completed Season 6 of the show, and during the break before the start of Season 7, Bobby and I decided to cover...

May 19, 2014

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we examine the new digital version of number stations before receiving a horrific news update from Wolf Blitzer. Or maybe Anderson Cooper. Not sure...anyway, there are aliens, and Bobby doesn't seem too concerned with what happens to Will.


May 12, 2014

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we need some help putting a couch in the back of our van. And then we're going to murder you.





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May 6, 2014

Greetings beekeepers!! This episode is an extra special episode, as Will had nothing to do with it! Other than in constantly encouraging me to post it. It should be stated this is just about the finished first episode of Dark Future. If you don't know what that is, you dumb, boy. I'll be posting the finished first...

May 5, 2014

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we're joined by our dear friend Matthew (GOOD LUCK IN PORTLAND, MATT!)

WE TALK REAL HOT-BUTTON ISSUES on this episode you guys! Destroying racists! Obliterating mysoginists! Defending ourselves, in the fear that we could possibly be classified as either one of those...