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Will and Bobby Know Everything

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Dec 30, 2013

Welcome to Will and Bobby Know Everything 101. A reintroduction, if you'll endulge us: We are two writers/comedians/friends who have a very rudimentary understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Every week we take a hard look in the mirror, then trade, and then learn about the world. Something magical. Powerful. Wonderful.
This week it's Ernest, Mr. Bean, and Austin Powers. Sorry!
We do want to take a moment and ask that you PLEASE CAST YOUR LAST MINUTE VOTES for us to be named Podcast of the Month by! You can vote for WBKE HERE, as well as Studio Rejects and Book Club Shmook Club!
This week's prize is a big one, you guys. This represents the turning point. No more obscure movies. No more Chinese Broadway Love Songs. From here on out, it's just quality, baby. First up: GET IN MY OFFICE, JAMES BOND! I need you to track down GOLDENEYE!
To enter, just share WBKE, Studio Rejects, or Book Club Shmook Club with your friends, and let us know you did it! Other than that, thanks for listening, guys!
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Episode 102 next week! IN 2014!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!