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Will and Bobby Know Everything

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Dec 9, 2012

Hooboy, everybody, this one's a doozy! In the second part of our conversation with Gordon Baker-Bone, we get deeper into the concept of not just being a comedian, but what it's like to be the "funny person" in your life. We also have completely nonsensical conversation about Teddy Roosevelt getting shot. It's a fucking blast. Gordon Baker-Bone is a funny man, and hopefully we'll do another show with him someday. Seriously, this show is crazy. SO:

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It seems like every week we've had an exciting announcement to make, and this week is no different! We know our show time for the first NYC Podfest! On January 12th at 8:00pm, come see us do Will and Bobby Know Everything LIVE on the stage downstairs! It's going to be insane, weird, and a whole lot of fun. Click here to check it out!

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Episode 50 next week!