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Will and Bobby Know Everything

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Sep 16, 2013

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything (Sorry we missed last week), we are fucking action packed. First off...cell phones! LOL, what's the deal with THAT!? Then, Chris Wilding, host of the Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club, a wonderful, non-bitchy program...we talk about him. For (we promise) the last time, ever (imitations aren't included). Then...babies? Not sure...
You should also check out next Saturday's Raconteurs and Roustabouts event, hosted by Alex Dawson! I wish we could be there! Next time for sure, but for now, go! Report back, it looks amazing!
We're also hosting our FIRST EVER LIVE WILL AND BOBBY EVENT! Save the date! On Sunday, November 10th, we'll be hosting our first ever storytelling event in Highland Park, NJ! Sign up now! If you can't make it, we understand! It's crazy to travel around the globe for this, send us your stories via the links below! Get involved! Everyone has a story to tell! Spread the word!

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Episode 87 next week!