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Will and Bobby Know Everything

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Jul 29, 2012

Hey guys, first up, you should know that this episode of WBKE contains spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises, and that if you want a spoiler free episode of the podcast, you want Episode 29: Social Ineptitude Part Two! It's online now, and you can get it on iTunes or on! When you finally see the...

Jul 29, 2012

Hey guys, first up, you should you that there is ANOTHER episode of WBKE online right know, centering on The Dark Knight Rises! It's episode 30, and if you aren't worried about spoilers, go listen to it (on iTunes or right after you finish this show, it's awesome!

Anyway, picking up from last...

Jul 22, 2012

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we have what became Part One of a long, weird conversation. Bobby's friend Erica joins us via Skype for an episode that covers so much ground, it's unbelievable. Gangs, racism, celebrities, and so much more. I swear to god I don't even remember talking about half this shit....

Jul 16, 2012

Hello, and welcome to a brand new episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything!

This week, we are joined by Dave Link, who happens to have a giant hamburger tattooed on his arm!

Episode 27 is all about roller coasters, theme park accidents, and mainly Will's fears. I feel like most episodes end up being about things Will...

Jul 8, 2012

Welcome to the 26th episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything!

It's not really an official landmark, but this episode represents six solid months of WBKE!

Kind of cool, right?

Anyway, we're joined this week by our buddy Peter to talk about:

Killer whales being assholes, freak shows, snakes, boobs, and strangely...